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Composite Nano Safety Toe

Safety first—you know it, and we know it. The materials in your boots were carefully chosen to protect your feet, starting with your toes. Our nano toe is made of strong composite materials that are more protective than steel, and lighter, too.

Triple-Layer Waterproofing

We waterproof the right way—using an industry-leading, multi-layer system. We start by putting waterproofing solution right into the leather as it’s being tanned. Every seam on the inside of the boot is then coated with a waterproof sealant. Finally, we embed a breathable membrane inside your boot that stops water from getting in, but lets moisture out.


We take the guesswork out of finding boots that are the right width. Below the insole, we’ve added a removable gray insert that can take your boot from a regular fit (D) to relaxed fit (EE). So, if you have a wider foot, or just prefer more room, we’ve got you covered. Instructions for how to remove the gray insert come in every box.

Customer Feedback

Customer Reviews

Based on 1063 reviews
Chris Vaughn
Good so far

Well so far the one thing everyone says about them is true is they do hurt a little bit but not long. There is no break in they are most comfortable boots I have owned right out of the box. I have owned red wings, danners, keen and timberlands and these have all of them beat. I work for a DOT and I inspect HMA so when I get back from vacation I will put these boots threw the paces. So far one pair of boots lasted almost to years. The rest I have gotten 6 to 9 months. If I can add to this later to update I will or Wright another one. But I will say great looking boot amd very comfortable. The ankle thing just wear them loose for a big amd don't whine about it. It goes a qay in a few days lol.

Mike Giese

Light weight and very comfortable. I will buy these again

Dan Wallis
Boot squeak

The boots are nice, but I do have a couple of issues. 1st issue is with the lacing loops on the left boot. They won't let me slip the laces in, the gap is almost closed. The 2nd issue the boots squeak. I feel the issue is in the inserts. They have a slick bottom and there for slide a little when I walk causing a squeak. They may stop after awhile, well see.

Nice style boot but bulky like a snow boot

2 weeks in I love the look of the boot and they seem durable but they are bulky and warm like a snow boot. Definitely dont recommend for summer but a solid boot for cooler/winter months. Personally just not a fan of the bulkiness.

Jack Barrett

They hurt my ankles were eye ties are