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The Bolduc (Comp Toe)'s specifications
Composite Nano Safety Toe

Composite Nano Safety Toe

Safety first—you know it, and we know it. The materials in your boots were carefully chosen to protect your feet, starting with your toes. Our nano toe is made of strong composite materials that are more protective than steel, and lighter, too.

Shock-Absorbing Midsole

Shock-Absorbing Midsole

The midsole has an important job—minimize impact on your body without weighing you down. We’ve carefully selected a rubber foam material for our midsole, making it more lightweight, shock-absorbing and durable than alternative materials.

Adjustable Width

Adjustable Width

We take the guesswork out of finding boots that are the right width. Below the insole, we’ve added a removable gray insert that can take your boot from a regular fit (D) to relaxed fit (EE). So, if you have a wider foot, or just prefer more room, we’ve got you covered. Instructions for how to remove the gray insert come in every box.

Customer Feedback

Customer Reviews

Based on 988 reviews
Greg Spencer
Great boot!

I am a small business owner and always want to support other small American made business owners and this seems to be a winning team.

This is a great boot, it has many features that work perfectly for me. I own a small business, plus work/train K9's for obedience and protection work. This boot allows a quick slip on and is durable, waterproof and comfortable once broken in. It was very easy to break in and transition to. My small business is working with metals and water a lot, doing treatments and I can walk through water and metal debris on ground, climb ladders, equipment, etc. easily with these boots on. Dog kennels/yards same thing. Great slip on boot all the way around. Only issue is... my wife loves the look of them on me and I am TOUGH on my boots so now I will need another pair just to wear without them looking like I just beat them the hell up.

I've worn and worked with most of the top brands out there, and this brand is my now go to fav. Waiting on more types from Brunt as we speak and will put them through hell and back!

Richard Franklin

Boots are great just think they are actually fit 1/2 size larger than I normally wear.

Daryl MacLean
Great Boot so far

I returned the first order of boots because of sizing. I received my second pair of reordered boots Saturday 12/3. So far so good. R&D needs to look into a 6-in slip-on boot I would be more up for that than the 9 inch. But unless that happens I'm happy...

Jim Monheim
Still un-sure

They seem to be made very well and appear to be durable. I wanted a laceless boot for easy on and off as I go in and out of lot of homes, with these being taller (hopefully shorter height is in the works) they do not slip on and off as easy as I would like. They fit tight So I took out the one set of insoles like mentioned in the directions but now I lost some comfort in doing that. So I'm not sure what my solution will end up being If I keep or return. The quality of the boot does seem to be there though.

kevin hartlage
great boot

very comfortable, easy on - easy off for a slip on boot