Our Oil + Slip Resistance Technology

We know the real test of any boot is what happens when it makes contact with the ground. That’s why we invested in a premium rubber-skinned sole with oil and slip resistance. Our design leads the industry, giving you the no-nonsense traction you need on a variety of surfaces for a longer period of time.


All of our wedge sole styles are are built with durable rubber material that makes them super grippy, providing the traction you need in your job regardless of the slippery surface. In addition, these soles are heat resistant up to 572˚F.

Our styles with defined heels are still built with an industry-leading rubber sole, but include heavy-duty traction tread for additional oil and slip resistance. They have the same technology built into the rubber to make them oil and slip resistant, but those added treads provide that extra bit of traction for certain environments.


These heavy duty treads also make these boots super durable in terms of abrasion and cracking of the sole. In addition, the defined heels and composite shanks on the Ryng, Perkins, Kasparian, and Distasio make these boots perfect for climbing.