We know that as a welder, you work in difficult conditions on a daily basis and need a boot that can hold up to the tasks. Not only are welders working in shops with heavy equipment, they are also constantly around sparks and flames. You want a boot that is going to protect you from heavy objects, but also something that will not burn through when hit with sparks and close flames. In addition, a welder is going to need a boot that is EH rated as well as oil and slip-resistant to ensure that they stay safe from electrical hazards and slick surfaces throughout the work day.

Why You Can Trust Us: Here at BRUNT, we test all our boots to meet ASTM safety standards. In addition, we test all our boots in the field with real welders to ensure they will hold up to the hard work you do every day.

Our Top Picks

  • Fully waterproof full-grain leather construction
  • 9 inch slip-on style to provide extra ankle suport
  • Composite safety toe and meets ASTM F2413-18 standards.
  • Electrical Hazard rated.
  • Industry-leading rubber sole with heavy-duty traction tread for oil and slip resistance.
  • Fully waterproof full-grain leather construction
  • Versatile work boot built for all environments
  • Industry-leading rubber-skinned sole, with built-in oil and slip resistance
  • Meets ASTM F2413-18 standards
  • Electrical Hazard rated.
  • Available in 8" version.
  • Fully waterproof full-grain leather construction
  • Soft toe design meets ASTM F2892-18 standards
  • Electrical Hazard rated.
  • Industry-leading rubber-skinned sole, with built-in oil and slip resistance.
  • Available in 8" version.

What Makes a Work Boot Good for Welders?

  • Durable: Being around flames and sparks, welders need a durable, preferably leather, boot that will hold up and won’t melt through.
  • Comfortable: Welders spend a lot of time standing and walking around the shop, so they need a cushioned, shock absorbing boot that is super comfortable.
  • Composite Safety Toe: Since welders often work in shops with heavy equipment, they will likely want a safety toe work boot to prevent injuries to the toe from falling objects.
  • Slip-Resistant Rubber Soles: Welders want grippy soles with good traction to prevent slipping on various substances or surfaces in the shop.
  • Electrical Hazard Protection: Welders should also have a boot that is Electrical Hazard (EH) rated.

Best Work Boots & Shoes for Welders: The List

The Bolduc

The Bolduc is a 9 inch slip-on boot that is ultra-comfortable to keep you feeling fresh for your entire day. The primary reason we recommend this boot is because the laceless, slip-on style ensures that any sparks won’t melt through the laces (however we offer a free lace replacement if you decide to go with a lace-up style). In addition the Bolduc is made from full-grain leather, which also prevents any melting through the boot which can happen with some synthetic styles. It is also fully waterproof and oil and slip-resistant so you will be covered from any type of slippery substances or surfaces. Lastly, the Bolduc has a composite safety toe to protect your toes against any heavy objects and is electrical hazard rated. Overall, the Bolduc is a versatile boot and the perfect style for welding.

The Marin (Comp Toe) or The Marin (Soft Toe)

However, if slip-on boots aren’t you’re style we’ve still got you covered. In this case, we’d recommend going with either our Marin (Comp Toe) or Marin (Soft Toe) style depending on if you need that safety toe or not. Although these are lace-up styles, we haven’t heard of too many people having the laces burn through, but we offer a free lace replacement in case that they do. The Marin and Marin Comp Toe are both 6 inch boots and are also fully waterproof, oil and slip-resistant, and EH rated so they will help keep you safe from workplace hazards. Overall, this is a great option if you need a good welding boot but don’t like the higher slip-on style boot. We also have 8 inch versions of the same boots in The Marin 8" (Comp Toe) and The Marin 8" (Soft Toe) if you prefer that extra ankle coverage.


Welding is a demanding job, so it requires a tough work boot to get you through your workday. Working around flames, you want to make sure that the work boot is durable enough to not melt through when coming in contact with sparks. In addition, welders need a boot that is ultra-comfortable with slip-resistant grippy soles to make sure they have traction on shop floors.


There are a lot of good boots for welders on the market, but here at BRUNT, we like to think we have created the ultimate choices. We recommend The Bolduc, The Marin (Comp Toe), or The Marin (Soft Toe) .

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Welders Need Laceless Boots?

Many welders do prefer laceless boots because flames and sparks can sometimes burn up the laces of a boot. However, BRUNT offers a free lace replacement if you do decide to go with a lace-up boot.


Do Welders Need Waterproof Boots?

It really depends on each individual situation as some welders will come into contact with water or substances more often than others, so it is really a personal preference.