We know that mechanics are constantly wearing through their boots during long days on the job so you need a high-quality, durable boot. Between the long hours on concrete, navigating slippery surfaces, and constant toe dragging, you want work boots that are durable and ultra-comfortable. Luckily, at BRUNT, we worked with Jeremy Perkins, a former Coast Guard Vet turned diesel mechanic ten years ago, to create the ultimate boot for a mechanic: The Perkins. We also have some other great options for the shop, like The Marin BRUNT Toe and The Ryng.


Why You Can Trust Us: Here at BRUNT, all our boots are tested to meet ASTM safety standards. In addition, we test all our boots in the field with real mechanics to ensure they will hold up to the hard work you do every day.


Our Top Picks

  • Durable Toe Cap to prevent leather ripping at the toe
  • Meets ASTM F2413-18 standards
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Fully waterproof full grain leather
BRUNT 6 inch Waterproof Reinforced Composite Toe Marin Work Boot in Brown
  • Patent pending BRUNT Toe and Heel Guards
  • Nano Composite Safety Toe
  • Fully Waterproof Build
  • Electrical Hazard Rated
  • Slip + Oil Resistant
  • 572˚F Heat-Resistant Sole
  • Meets ASTM F2413-18 Standard
  • Durable Toe Cap to prevent ripping at the toe
  • Meets ASTM F2413-18 standards
  • Constructed from fully waterproof abrasion-resistant material
  • Ultra-lightweight

What Makes a Work Boot Good for Mechanics?

  • Composite Safety Toe: Since mechanics work around heavy machinery, you will want a safety toe work boot to prevent injuries to the toe from falling objects.
  • Slip-Resistant Rubber Soles: Shop floors can often be slippery with different substances, so you will need a boot that has good traction and is oil and slip-resistant.
  • Toe Protection: Mechanics have to kneel down a lot for repairs which can cause the toe to drag and rip, so you want a boot with a rubber toe cap to prevent that.
  • Electrical Hazard Protection: Mechanics should also have a boot that is Electrical Hazard (EH) rated.
  • Arch Support: Mechanics spend a lot of time standing on concrete, so they need a cushioned, shock absorbing boot that is super comfortable and won't hurt their feet after a long day.

Best Work Boots & Shoes for Mechanics: The List

The Perkins


The Perkins is a tough boot that offers rugged and grippy soles with oil and slip resistance built in to maintain traction on slippery shop surfaces. It also provides a composite safety toe that meets ASTM F2413-18 standards and a rubber toe guard to prevent the toe from wearing through with constant kneeling. In addition, the Perkins, built from full-grain leather, is fully waterproof and ultra-comfortable, making it the perfect boot for an auto mechanic, a heavy equipment mechanic, or anything in between.


The Marin BRUNT Toe


The Marin BRUNT Toe redefines durability and comfort in work boots with its innovative techonology. This boot stands out with its patent-pending BRUNT Toe and heel guards, ensuring prolonged durability in high-wear areas. Crafted for those who demand reliability, its fully waterproof build and nano composite safety toe offer unmatched protection. Its electrical hazard rating and heat-resistant sole up to 572˚F, combined with slip and oil resistance, make it ideal for challenging environments, guaranteeing safety and performance in the shop.


The Ryng


The Perkins is a lightweight boot, but if you are looking for an ultra-lightweight option, the Ryng is also a great boot for Mechanics. It offers the same grippy oil and slip-resistant soles as the safety toe and protective toe cap. The Ryng boot is still fully waterproof, but it is made from a lightweight abrasion-resistant material rather than leather like the Perkins. This makes the Ryng ultra-lightweight, so it can help you tackle all the challenges of being a mechanic without keeping you down.

What Our Customers Say

"I've been a mechanic for 22 years, on my feet all day. The Perkins is by far, the most comfortable boot I have ever had! From one Veteran to Another, GOOD JOB! I will totally be a repeat customer." - Jared W.



"I am an auto tech and on my feet all day. These boots have been very comfortable and they fit perfectly. The break in time was very short and easy. Thanks for a great boot!" - Wayne G.




Being a mechanic is a grueling job, so having a great work boot that meets your needs is essential. Mechanics need a work boot that keeps them safe on the job and is comfortable to wear all day. They need a boot with good traction to prevent slipping, a toe cap to prevent the boot ripping, and one that is both EH-rated and has a safety toe. There are a lot of good boots for mechanics on the market, but here at BRUNT, we like to think we have created the ultimate choices in The Perkins, The Marin BRUNT Toe, and The Ryng

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between composite toe and steel toe boots?

A composite safety toe cap is usually made from strong materials like Kevlar, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or plastic. It offers the same safety protection as a steel toe, but with additional benefits that make it a superior option.


Do you have wide work boots for mechanics?

All our boots feature our adjustable width system, which means all our boots can expand from a regular fit D to a wide fit EE.


Do mechanics need safety toe boots?

If you work around heavy equipment, then you are going to want a composite toe or steel toe safety boot.


Where can I learn more about BRUNT?

You can read more about BRUNT from our friends at Honest Brand Reviews.