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adjustable width

We take the guesswork out of finding boots that are the right width. Below the insole, we’ve added a removable gray insert that can take your boot from a regular fit (D) to relaxed fit (EE). So, if you have a wider foot, or just prefer more room, we’ve got you covered. Instructions for how to remove the gray insert come in every box

Rubber-Skinned Sole

We know the real test of any boot is what happens when it makes contact with the ground. That’s why we invested in a premium rubber-skinned sole with oil and slip resistance. Our design leads the industry, giving you the no-nonsense traction you need on a variety of surfaces for a longer period of time.

shock-absorbing midsole

The midsole has an important job—minimize impact on your body without weighing you down. We’ve carefully selected a rubber foam material for our midsole, making it more lightweight, shock-absorbing and durable than alternative materials.

Customer Feedback

Customer Reviews

Based on 718 reviews
Kirk A Bradford
Kirk's Marin unlined review

2 weeks in and I am pleased with these boots.I am a fabricator/welder on concrete floors for 50 hrs/week and they are quite comfortable! I softened them with mink oil to speed up the break-in. Great boots for me!

Kevin Coley
They're great so far.

They are great , time will be the real test.

The best boot ever

My feet actually feel better after switching to these boots. Straight out of the box I knew these were sent from the gods to the working class

Lucas Scotchlas
These boots are very comfortable!

These boots look and feel great, however I will say that I feel the laces are too long or the hooks for the laces are too open as I notice I catch my laces from one shoe on the lace hooks of the other shoe on occasion and it can be frustrating when it happens and pulls all your shoe laces undone. I prefer using the hooks over the eyelets as they let me get my boots on and off easier. The laces are also very thin on these boots, I would like if Brunt came up with some thicker, slightly shorter bootlaces as they feel more secure when tying them IMO. Otherwise these boots have been a home run for me, comfortable and cool, and stylish to boot (no pun intended)!

Josh Goddard
Great lair of boots so far

I've been wearing these every day for 1 1/2 weeks. There has been zero break in time. I wore them all day the first day for 12+ hours and I was on my feet the entire time. I have had no issues with my feet hurting, or weird rubbing and calluses from them. Quality of the boots is great. Time will tell of the durability.