BucketTalk Ep 03 | Sean Flottmannn

Sean Flottmann



At one point in time, Sean Flottman had a dream of becoming a rockstar. 20 plus years later, Flottman is a welder by trade; specializing in packaging and conveyor systems. While this may feel far from his original dream in a literal sense, a quick glance at his social profiles indicates otherwise. Flottman, better known as “dabs wellington”, has certainly found his stride in the trades. With a massive following on social media, and the mindset needed to thrive, Flottmann has clearly established himself as a rockstar in the trades community.

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Through the guidance of high-school counselors, a young Sean Flottman found himself on a path to earn a degree in business management. Now a welder by trade, he discovered this career, as he describes: “by accident.”  While in school, he took on a temp position in a metal fabrication shop. While his position was in the grinding and polishing department, it was at that shop he met an early mentor.

“There was a guy in the shop..he was big into wheeling and building rock crawlers and stuff..and he kind of gave me the crash course on tig welding.”

Leaving school then working his way up through the ranks, Flottman soon realized not just the immense potential of this career path, but that it was something that he actually wanted to do. Even more incredible? He managed to master his craft in a tough environment with little resources.

“It’s real hard getting a guy who hates his job, who's just getting through his day to show you anything…” 

While Flottman has spent the last 20 plus years working as a welder in the packaging and conveyor systems spector by day, it’s his craftsy side hustle that eventually put him on the map. 

“Tig welding art on weird stainless steel…I was just messing around at first, but people started to really like what I was doing.”

Shortly after creating an Instagram account, Flottman found himself gaining thousands of followers. Now he touts a monster reach and has become a staple in the trades community, but It’s not just Flottmans reach that caught our eye; He has continuously  demonstrated just how much opportunity lies within his trades, and is a firm believer that any young person today can capitalize on these resources.    

“20 years ago when I was learning..you were lucky if you could get a 45 second video. If a young guy or girl is out there..there is no excuse..if you’ve got the thirst for knowledge. On Instagram, once you get involved in the community..there are plenty of people who can help.”

Be sure to listen in on this electric episode, as we dig into how Sean got his start, what’s next, and where he sees the future of this trade. 

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