BucketTalk Ep 53 | Matt Marin

Matt Marin



Join us on Bucket Talk’s final episode of the season, where our hosts are joined by someone you may have heard of, the namesake of our marquee boot, Matt Marin. After growing up playing hockey and taking on odd jobs across a handful of trades, Matt joined the carpenter’s union at 20 years old, which is where he still is today. Listen in as he chats with Eric and Jeremy about getting into the trades, joining a union and moving up in the ranks. 

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Matt Marin spent the first 18 years of his life wanting to be a professional hockey player. He had worked odd jobs here and there, but that was his goal. At a certain point, he realized that wasn’t the future for him, so he decided to get himself into the trades full time working in drywall. After some time there, he heard about some of his coworkers leaving for union jobs. Only thing was, he didn’t know what that meant. 

“One of the guys that I was working with, he goes, we're out of here, we're gonna join the union. And I'm saying to myself, what union? I'm like, what's the union?”

Well, he found out what a union was and decided it was his opportunity to find a career and make some money. He left the drywall trade and made his way into the carpenter’s union, where he’s still working today as a foreman. Since he joined up early, he made foreman early, leaving him as the young guy once again, earning his worth. 

“So I got promoted as a foreman. And when I got there, I'm like, I was still young again. I was a young foreman, right? So there's guys working for me that are twice my age. I realized real quick, that respect is earned not given.”

Now, when he’s not helping BRUNT design new versions of the Marin boot (yep, it’s named after Matt), he manages over 100 people and is honing his craft as a foreman and a leader, which is exactly why we love to have him not only as a friend of BRUNT, but as a personal friend.

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