BucketTalk Ep 66 | Matt Groark

Matt Groark



Season Finale time! We have a very special guest for our Season 6 finale, a BBQ legend featured on Next Level Chef on Fox. Matt Groark, hailing from Philly, takes us through his journey of becoming a chef gives us a glimpse of what the life of a celebrity chef is like. Matt and Jeremy cover a range of topics from the foundations Matt supports and represents to what it was like working alongside the Gordon Ramsay. Tune in for the Season 6 wrap up.

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Matt Groark, is a legendary BBQ chef from the Philly area. He specializes in smoking meats and is not limited to just that. Matt was even selected and competed on a Gordon Ramsay cooking competition to show off that he can do more than just a BBQ chef. Matt gives us the inside scoop of what it was like working with the most famous celebrity chef of all time. 

On top of his skills as a chef Matt is a devout husband and father who supports multiple foundations supporting the less fortunate. These foundations are held close to Matts heart as he has a personal connection to all of them. 

Matt supports his community in a number of other ways including being a teacher, basketball coach, and a driving instructor doing anything he can to help others with what he has at his disposal. A true representation of the BRUNT mentality. Great to have you on Matt, looking forward to seeing more success from you.

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