BucketTalk Ep 43 | Lee Ohmen

Lee Ohmen



This week on Bucket Talk, we caught up with Lee Ohman, who spends his days working his main gig as an electrician and his off-time crafting custom wood items ranging from corn hole boards and cutting boards to ornaments and dining tables. He grew up in Natick, Massachusetts, just a short way from BRUNT headquarters, where he got a union job right out of high school. He now plies his trade in Charleston, MA. Listen in as he chats with our hosts Jeremy and Eric about skipping college, falling in love with woodworking and spending time with his family. 

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Born and raised in Massachusetts, Lee got started in the trades straight out of high school when he joined the electrical union. Luckily for him, he got trained up from the start. Rather than spending his days fetching coffees, he actually got to use tools during his apprenticeship, which set him up well for his future in the trade.  

“I actually got to work with the tools when I was an apprentice. And instead of, you know, running to get stock and get coffee and all that, I was actually hands on for most of my apprenticeship, which is very beneficial.”

When it comes to woodworking, his story was a common one: his wife wanted a new table for their home. He went to the store, bought the tools, pulled up YouTube and never turned back. As much as it benefitted his wife, his newfound skills were beneficial for Lee, as well, serving as a much-needed escape from the pressures of life. He likens it to therapy. 

“I fell in love with woodworking right away. It was perfect timing. For me. I definitely needed some sort of escape. [I found that] in the woodwork…I enjoyed building stuff. And everyday it was [like] therapy.”

While he still spends his days working as an electrician and keeps busy with woodworking, he makes sure to take the time to close the shop down and be with his family — most of the time this takes the form of a camping trip on the weekends. Not only that, but his wife has gotten involved with his woodworking business, Regal Street, by helping him craft ornaments. For them, it is a chance to get away from the pressures of life and spend a little time together. Don’t expect this to turn into a full-time gig anytime soon. For now, they’re keeping it light.

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