BucketTalk Ep 01 | Kyle Stumpenhorst

Kyle Stumpenhorst



The nine-five office life is not for everyone. It's why Kyle Stumpenhorst left his life as a software developer to pursue a career in the trades. Kyle went from learning the process of remodeling from scratch to becoming an influencer and leader in the post-frame construction industry. Listen in as Jeremy gets the full scoop on how Kyle built his way to the top.

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On this weeks episode of Bucket Talk, we sat down with Kyle Stumpenhorst, owner and operator of RR Buildings. RR (Rural Renovations) Buildings, is a post-frame construction build out of Franklin Grove, Illinois. While the companies day to days consist of building post-frames for a variety of different industries, if you're in the trades you have probably heard of these guys. Since inception, Kyle has accrued quite the following on social media, boasting a Youtube subscriber following of over 500k and an incredible Instagram following of about 383k. This is all thanks to Kyle's mission to show anyone interested in creating their own path in the trades, just how to go about it. 

Kyle Stumpenhorst  wasn't always a tradesman. Growing up, his father worked in IT with D.I.Y. projects as a side-hobby. When Kyle graduated at the top of his high school class, he pursued a degree in computer science positioning himself to follow a path much like his fathers. After graduation, Kyle took the route of most recent graduates and pursued a 9-5 office job. As Kyle mentions, "...it literally took me less than a year to realize..I just didn't want to do that.." With a yearning to get out of the more white-collar career path, he left his job in the city to take on the remodeling of an old farmhouse him and his then fiancé were looking to buy. Having nothing else but his fathers limited DIY expertise and some DIY television shows, Kyle spent the next two years learning the art of remodeling from scratch. 

Tune in to hear how this former 9-5er not only took on a full time career in the trades, but capitalized on the massive opportunities and became an integral part of the community along the way.

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