BucketTalk Ep 63 | Eli Vastbinder

Eli Vastbinder



Very special guest this week on Bucket Talk. Eli Vastbinder is a veteran professional bull rider who just recently won his first buckle with PBR this year. Eli has been thriving this year and has qualified for, PBR World Finals in Fort Worth next month. Eli brings us through the life of a pro cowboy and everything he has encountered along the way. Ups and downs we get the inside look into the career of a cowboy and what it is like to be living your childhood dreams.

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Hailing from North Carolina, Eli is a seasoned vet to the PBR rodeo series and spends the majority of his time honing in his craft and getting better. Eli met his now wife in North Carolina and is no stranger to moving around. He has lived all over the country to compete at the highest level in the sport.

Vastbinder is one of the grittiest guys around and shows us how a real man balances family and work life. Eli brings us through his training routine and the joys of being a father and raising a child with his wife. Eli is 33 years old and has been with PBR since 2020 and rode professionally for years before then in a rodeo series more broad expanding past bull riding.

We get to see why Eli made the decision to switch to PBR and what it is like having the gnarliest sport on the planet as an occupation and the dangers that come with being a pro bull rider and getting on the back of an animal that could easily cause deadly harm. Tune in for this action packed episode.

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