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Between the rough conditions, the crazy heights, and everything in between, iron working might not be everyone—but it’s a perfect fit for our guy Travis Seifert. Though he’s been a union ironworker for seven years now, you can also find Travis on stage as Dirty Prescott Kids performing his unique blend of country, rap, and hip hop. He’s been supporting BRUNT since day one, and we were pumped to have him on the show to chat with Bucket Talk host, Jeremy Perkins, about how he balances life in the trades and life as a musician. If there was ever a guy to give you a good perspective on work-life balance, it’s our guy Travis.

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When the sun’s up, you can find Travis Seifert working on buildings and bridges as a union ironworker. When the sun’s down, you can find him on stages as Dirty Prescott Kids playing a unique blend of country, rap, and hip hop. Proudly born and raised in Prescott, Wisconsin, Travis got his start in iron working seven years ago with the help of a friend. He’s been a musician for even longer, and even though Travis kept that side of him a secret from his iron brothers for a while (more on that in the episode), they’ve become some of his biggest supporters over the years. If you follow Travis on social media, you know his iron work and life as a musician keep him traveling around the country—and if you don’t follow him, you’re missing out on some of the funniest content on the internet. He’s just as much Waka Flocka Flame as he is Chris Stapleton and we’re pumped to have a guy like Travis in our corner.

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