BucketTalk Ep 56 | Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson



We have an amazing guest for you this week on Bucket Talk. Adam Anderson, the son of legendary monster truck driver Dennis Anderson, creator and operator of the Grave Digger. Take a listen as Adam walks us through the hectic lifestyle of a champion monster truck driver/entertainer. Jeremy and Adam talk about the toughness needed for action sports, the similarities between nascar and monster trucks, and what it is like being born into the spotlight and carrying on the legacy of a legend.

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Adam Anderson, although being brought up in the shadow of his father, has made quite a name for himself in the monster truck industry. He became only the fourth person in history to win a monster jam world title in both freestyle and racing. Safe to say Adam can hold his own out there. 

We get an inside look at the start to his career being a mechanic on these big rigs and transitioning into driving, operating and entertaining in these massive machines. Adam explains his love for the shop and his addiction to being a mechanic and always working on something. 

Anderson has held about every position you can in this industry, even took a turn at the corporate level and just about logged into his business computer once or twice. Safe to say the office wasn’t for him. He preferred spending his time helping turn a wrench or give guidance wherever needed in the shop. Being born into something that became his passion, Adam gives Jeremy the inside scoop on staying the course, balancing family and career, and the wild life of a monster truck racer/entertainer.  

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