BucketTalk Ep 09 | Tim Uhler

Tim Uhler



For Tim Uhler, framing runs in his blood. His father a framer; from an early age Tim was doing everything from reading construction journals to spending his spring breaks on the job site. Now with 20 years of experience under his belt, Tim has accrued as massive following on Instagram with over 170k followers. Tune in to hear how he's taken framing to the next level.

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Growing up Tim Uhler spent his school vacations a bit differently than some of his other peers. His father a framer, Tim would often find himself on the job site hainging out with the guys. "It was around the time that aerosmith album came out....that was my spring break..working in the rain, but I thought it was so cool to be hanging with the guys, that I would just go out and work." 

For Tim, it felt as thought the trade ran in his blood, but the key to framing is knowledge. From math, to understanding seismic activity and how it affects the build, there is a lot of work that goes into quality framing. "..none of us really went to school...I grew up reading magazines, journals, and then I found a trade forum where people from all over the country would gather and talk the trade..." 

While a majority of Tims knowledge is self-taught. He's one of the first people to advocate for furthering their education.  "You don't need to get a harvard education..but, the polish that you mention...being able to speak to a inspector or egineeer..just have that look of someone whos been around the block a few times."

With a lifetime of framing, and the ambition/desire to learn more, Tim has built a wealth of knowledge, and garnished a huge following along the way. Tune in to hear more of what Tim things anyone going into the trade should know, and what he see as the future of the framing industry. 

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