BucketTalk Ep 74 | The Muscle

The Muscle



You might know him as The Muscle from Diesel Brothers, but Keaton Hoskins is much more than an automotive expert and builder—he’s got a bottomless well of insight and ingenuity that’s set him apart from traditional trades workers. For one of our most highly anticipated episodes yet, Keaton and Jeremy hit on what it takes to build a successful company and the keys Keaton has learned in his years of business. Buckle up and tune into a seriously inspiring episode with a legend of the game.

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We've been real excited to drop this pod, tune in this week and listen in on a great conversation between Jeremy and Keaton AKA The Muscle. Keaton is known for his work on the discovery channel with Diesel Brothers.

Since then Keaton has been transforming himself into being the best man and father he can be while motivating others to do the same. On this episode we get to listen to what motivated Keaton to get to where he is today and some things he lives by.

We get the whole story here today so take a listen and enjoy!

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