BucketTalk Ep 36 | The Good Boss & OG Dave

The Good Boss & OG Dave



On this week’s episode of Bucket Talk, we chat with Boston-based hardscaper & business owner Victor Oliveira, aka @thegoodbossofficial on Instagram and TikTok, along with his long-time mentor, OG Dave. At 16, Victor bought a truck from his uncle for $700, whipped up some business cards at the local Fedex Kinkos and started his own landscape business.

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From an early age, Victor knew school wasn’t for him. When he was in 10th grade he dropped out of high school and decided to start his own landscape business. He bought a truck from his uncle, made some business cards at the local Kinkos and got started from there. By the time his first year ended, he already had seven accounts, in spite of the challenges that come with starting a company. 

“The easiest way to do it is just to do it. You know, like, just don't think about it, just ask questions, you know, just keep going. Don't let something so simple shut you down. Just find a way around it. If you can't get through that wall, just find a way around it.” - Victor 

Victor was working on one of his first big jobs with OG Dave’s son Sean, and when they realized they needed some help they called on Dave and his 42 years of experience to lend a hand. From that day on, it has been a collaborative effort. Just a few moments with OG Dave and Victor and you know that their work is their true passion. Take a quick look at their work and you can tell they’re not only experts of the landscape and hardscape craft, but guys you just want to be around.

“My biggest thing is, I go above and beyond to make someone happy. You know, if I'm working on the house, I want to make sure they're extremely happy. Even if I have to take money off. Because you know, that's how I get more work. Word of mouth is my best and only advertisement.” - Victor

Between the two of them, there is a lot of wisdom. Dave brings decades of experience and knowledge to the job and Victor, along with his skills, brings an attitude and leadership that is hard to compete with. He is known as The Good Boss for a reason; he keeps his team tight and treats his people well. If you’re on their team, you’re taken care of. 

“I would say try to do what you like to do. Whatever it is. It's cliche, but in the beginning, it's all about the money. But you know, after a certain amount of time, you've got to like what you do, or sell it and move on to something else.” - OG Dave

When it comes to advertising, Victor and OG Dave let their work and their character do the talking. Something isn’t up to par? They won’t charge for it. It is all about relationships for them — without honesty and a humble spirit there is no new work. To them, a few thousand bucks isn’t worth losing a solid account and it shows.

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