BucketTalk Ep 59 | Shane LaBedelle

Shane LaBedelle



Great episode this week. Jeremy takes a deep dive into the life of a hydraulic mechanic with Shane LaBedelle. Shane was raised in the shop that he runs now and was taught everything he knows from his father who started the shop decades ago. Kick back and listen to Shane and Jeremy joke around and talk shop. Stick around at the end of the episode for a tour of Shane's shop.

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Shane LaBedelle, born and raised in the shop. Shane’s father introduced him to the world of mechanics when he started his own shop and taught Shane everything he knows now about hydraulic mechanics. Nowadays, Shane will be running the show soon, his way and has come into his own as one of the best in the trade.

Jeremy, being a former mechanic himself, is like a kid in a candy store bouncing questions off Shane looking for any wisdom he has. Shane gives us the inside scoop on being ready to assume the position of running the company and is eager for the future. 

The fellas laugh through the episode of the dangers and funny moments that come along with working in these trades. Everything from fun tools, how Shane learned the trade, what it is like to run a business in the blue collar world and even a tour through Shane's shop.

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