BucketTalk Ep 29 | Santos Vasquez

Santos Vasquez



This week we’re joined by beekeeper Santos Vasquez, aka @isavebz on Instagram. After taking over for his beekeeper ex father-in-law, Santos has spent the last 18 years keeping bees as both a honey producer and bee removal specialist. Eric and Jeremy get into it with Santos, chatting about becoming a beekeeper, making honey, dealing with stings, and much more.

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ABOUT Santos

Santos decided he was ready to join the beekeeping trade when his ex father-in-law showed him the ropes. After some time in the trade he realized it was his responsibility and desire to take care of bees for the rest of his life.

“I didn't know a single thing about bees - I learned on the job. And that's pretty much the way you have to learn. You got to stick your hand in the beehive otherwise you're not gonna need and you go from there.”

Once he acquired a few bee hives of his own, he knew it was time to take it to the next level. Not only was he relocating large groups of bees, he was also adopting groups of bees for himself, harvesting honey to keep the dream of beekeeping alive.

“My [ex] father-in-law's dad always said if you take care of the bees they’ll take care of you. And it's it's really that simple. You know, they're gonna do for you what you're going to do for them.”

Santos and his partner Shawn White have built a company that specializes in everything from honey production to bee removal services. Their native, pollen-absorbing honey is one of the largest parts of the business and being able to sell it directly to his customers in person is one of the his favorite parts.

“We want to be authentic as possible and that's why we are so transparent. On Instagram, on TikTok.. we just want you to know where your honey is coming from, that you get the best quality product and that we are true beekeepers.”

After almost two decades of beekeeping, Santos plans on continuing to add hives in hopes of being able to add pollination to the company’s repertoire. Through determination, dedication and a healthy respect for the bees he takes care of, Santos has made something that will only continue to propel him to the top of the industry.

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