BucketTalk Ep 28 | Chris Cash

Chris Cash



Mt. Phillip Metal Works is a metalworking studio that forges and fabricates a variety of metal goods, from small tools to enormous vintage-inspired pieces to art and sculpture. At the helm of Mt. Phillip is this week’s guest on the podcast, Chris Cash. Along with being a metal fabricator, Chris also co-hosts the Axe and Iron Podcast, a weekly show that highlights badass makers. Join Eric and Jeremy as they get into it with Chris about podcasting, the difference between a blacksmith and a metalworker, working on cars, and much more.

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Chris got his start working on cars, doing production auto body work in a collision shop. This is where he began tinkering with vintage tools, finding a niche that he was able to make his own. After years in the auto world, he decided to make the transition to forging and fabrication, a transition that lets him do anything he sets his mind to. 

“So I was the young guy, the young punk in there. And I decided to take that on and learn the system and learn the machines that we were using. And then I ended up becoming very successful at it and was making a really, really good living.”

He’s currently running his own business, Mt. Phillip Metal Works, where he makes and sells his work. He’s also got a podcast of his own called Axe and Iron, where he and his buddy Roy Scott highlight other badass makers in the metalworking world. Chris was also able to hop onto Instagram at the perfect time, allowing him to amass well over 30,000 followers. 

“It's like, yeah, if you're not happy where you're at, it doesn't matter how much money you're making, how great your insurance is, it really doesn't. Like in the grand scheme of things, I get these comments like, oh, you probably made a killing doing that. It's like, not, I didn't really but waking up with a smile on my face. As cheesy as it sounds, is so much better than any amount of money that I get.”

He’s always on the move, which is one of the benefits of working for himself. If he has to go to Indiana to pick up a part, he can. If he has to spend all day in his car, he can. He’s had a unique journey through the trades, but that is exactly where he wants to be. Working seven days a week sounds like a burden to some, but Chris says he’d rather spend every day in his shop than do anything else.

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