BucketTalk Ep 54 | S6E1 Chloe Hudson

Chloe Hudson



Season 6 kickoff started with a bang with one of the top female influencers in the blue collar space. Going to school to become a plastic surgeon to taking welding classes at a vocational school Chloe the @arcweldingangel has mastered the 180° career change. In this season's premier Chloe explains to us what called her to become an industrial welder. Listen to Chloe and Jeremy talk about the difficulties of mastering a trade, the importance of the trades, and the perks to welding and working in the industry.

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To start the new season and the new year of Bucket Talk we are sitting down with the one and only Chloe Hudson, TIG welder and fabricator. Chloe walks us through her path to falling in love with welding and the life decisions she made to get to where she is today. Growing up and in her high school days Chloe aspired to be a plastic surgeon. Needing to fill her class schedule with something Chloe chose a welding class. She grew up around welders and wanted to be of some assistance so she made herself useful.

Immediately, Chloe was hooked and enjoyed the gratification of getting better and better every time she picked up the torch. Right after high school it didn’t take long for Chloe to realize that her clinical job nursing was not her cup of tea, so she did what anyone would do and started working maintenance in a nuclear sector. Chloe took notes on the guys walking around the job site that seemed to be making the most dough and set out to hone her craft to get paid more. This became apparent in her first interviews with recruiters being called the jack of all trades yet master of none. This motivated her and she immediately enrolled in vocational school to master the craft.

Chloe began to excel and she found herself in some amazing welding jobs working on extremely impressive aircraft and even having the opportunity to work with nascar teams. Chloe has climbed the ladder of blue collar work and has come out on top while building an extremely strong social media presence without losing her identity as a woman. Take a listen to Jeremy and Chloe talk about the importance of the trades and blue collar work today and hear this amazing story of one welder's path to serious success.

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