BucketTalk Ep 55 | Evan Steger

Evan Steger



Bucket Talk is back this week with Evan Steger, metal polisher, out of the great state of Wisconsin. Evan talks about what it was like growing up in a family with two parents working blue collar jobs and how that inspired him in his life and career. The trials and tribulations of posting your work online and gaining success through that. Listen to what motivated Evan to build a successful company and how he built his legacy along the way.

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Evan Steger is a true entrepreneur with the spirit to prove everyone wrong. Raised by a mother who operated a forklift and a father who was a welder, Evan was primarily around his grandfather in his early childhood due to his parents constantly working. This attitude stuck with Evan and is a key pillar in his work ethic today. In the beginning of his career, after securing his work permit at 13, Evan started at a truck wash business which eventually led to him falling in love with the polish process. 

After working at the truck wash for years with no raise Evan put in his two weeks to start his own polish shop. His boss said some crucial words after this. He said, “When the metal polish business doesn’t work out, you can always come back and work for me.” That is all the motivation Evan needed to take over this space. On the contrast Jeremy and Evan talk about what makes a great boss and the dangers of the blue collar industry being scarce with employees.

Starting a new business isn’t always easy and with a family it’s even more difficult. The boys talk about the sacrifices the people in your family and yourself will have to make if trying to start a business. Evan will walk you through the ups and downs of the polishing life and show you how he looks back and smiles at his journey, still hungry for more.

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