BucketTalk Ep 69 | Rudy Del Bosque

Rudy Del Bosque



Talking shop with Rudy Del Bosque is always a riot. A couple months back when we were out in his neck of the woods for the PBR Worlds in Fort Worth, we knew he had to come on BucketTalk to share some stories. His old man is a lifelong trucker who built a successful trucking company that’s now become a family business, with Rudy set to take the reins when the time comes. Rudy came on to talk about everything from the future of the trucking industry to maintaining a family business and what that means to the Del Bosque legacy and everything in between. He’s chalk full of funny Texas sayings, and we were pumped to have him on the podcast.

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We have a very special guest this week. The Silver Bullet Mullet aka Rudy Del Bosque joins us on the pod this week. Rudy is a gem hailing from Texas. He spends his day driving a big rig and running the family business.

This weeks episode is full of funny moments. We get to hear some hilarious stories from Rudy along with a background on how he got to where he is today. Rudy runs us through some great stories from his past while giving great tips on how to get motivated and learn from your elders.

If you drive a truck or plan on it this is the podcast for you. Rudy doesn't miss a thing in this one. Join us for some laughs!

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