BucketTalk Ep 62 | Randy Nessman

Randy Nessman



Patriots day brings us a guest who has worked a plethora of blue collar jobs and has solidified himself as a legend in multiple fields. Randy Nessman, aka. @master_pipe_layer, grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota, transitioned from the farm to becoming a firefighter while also being a pipe layer and considered a master at what he does. Randy gives us the run-down on farming, struggles of being a firefighter in a rural area, and just the everyday struggles of the tradesman.

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Randy Nessman was born and raised on a dairy farm that was run by his parents. The business was successful until the turn of the century and the family had to move on and start fresh. Randy tells us about life on the farm as a kid and the skills you pick up doing the tough work involving farms. 

We get to hear what led Randy to becoming a pipe layer and eventually following the footsteps of his buddies and becoming a firefighter. We get an inside scoop on the dangers of these tough jobs and the major drainage projects Randy has been a part of. 

Taking a step back from work we see what Randy does for fun with his family and friends and the fun times that come along with working in the trades. Randy is a proud firefighter and we thank him and all first responders for your service.

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