BucketTalk Ep 65 | Morgan Tayek

Morgan Tayek



Morgan Tayek brings us on her unorthodox journey to becoming a maker in the woodworking space and a talented one at that. Morgan takes us from cosmetology, to the cannabis industry, to being inspired to finding her niche in woodworking and selling her artwork. Morgan has dedicated many years into perfecting her craft and shows us what it took to get great at what she does.

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ABOUT Morgan

Raised by artists Morgan, who was always well rounded, felt a need to find a way to express herself artistically and she found that through woodworking. Through trial and error dabbling in the cannabis industry and letting us know the ups and downs to that industry, Morgan struck gold when she discovered woodworking.

Morgan found her niche with the scroll saw and immediately took a liking to it. She brings us through the trial and error of learning and trying to master the tool while sharing her work and starting a business from her artwork.

We talk about possible next steps for Morgan as she wants to expand on her business and get more custom projects out to clients the sky is the limit for Morgan and we are all for it. Tune in to this great episode.

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