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Kadilak Homes


To kick off Season 5, we linked up with Paul and Susan Kadilak, the Massachusetts-based couple at the helm of Kadilak Homes. They take on renovation projects with a goal of helping homeowners fall back in love with their homes. Not only that, but they document it on their TV show Renovation Rekindle which you can tune into for free on their website. Listen in as our hosts chat with Paul and Susan about how they met, how they balance careers, and what their family history means to their business.

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ABOUT Kadilak

Susan Kadilak, as she puts it, grew up “in the dirt.” Her dad and grandfather were builders — essentially she was around the trades from birth, learning everything she could along the way. Paul spent years working to get himself a job as a firefighter, which he did and still does today. After meeting in the late 2000s, they joined forces renovating homes. Their road to the top had humble beginnings.

“That was like the worst, [most] humbling time to come. We were doing, you know, projects in Boston — all structural work — a ton of old houses that needed foundation work, nothing Instagram or nothing social media worthy at all…he's probably like, why are you doing this?”

The hard work and keen eye for quality work paid off. Having grown up around masons, Susan wasn’t going to half-ass it — it was all or nothing. Quality and true craftsmanship was the most important thing. This attitude has been highly rewarding, and it’s something they try to prove to each and every one of their clients — they know what they’re doing. 

“I think we've always taken control of the projects because we truly want the clients to love their house… We do love being home because we love our house.”

Now that they’ve really built something for themselves, they’re focused on doing the best work they can and passing their knowledge along to the next generation. When it comes to hard work, you don’t have to look far with these two. If you’re looking for some inspiration or want to figure out how to get a renovation going yourself, look no further than the Kadilak’s website or social media channels, where you’ll see the fruits of all their hard work over the years. 

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