BucketTalk Ep 05 | John Thompson

John Thompson



Finding a passion for entrepreneurialism and the trades early in his life, John Thompson set out to build his passion into a livelihood. With the mindset to always take his endeavors to the next level, John has since accomplished much more. Tune in to hear John's full story.

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John Thompson, aka OGPlumbgod, has always seen the massive amount of opportunity that lies within the trades. As an influencer, licensed plumber, and co-founder this ambitious entreprenur has taken his career to next level heights. 

His day Job? Owning, running, and managing a commercial plumbing business with his family. But, outside of the day to day grind, John is taken on some bigger feats. Having launched his very own media company, John's core goal is to educate anyone willing to learn, on the opportunities available to them within the plubming trade. 

John has spent the last few years putting together thoughtful and insightful content, finding people in the trades who are crushing it and shining on their achievemnets, all the while becoming an influencer along the way. When Bucket Talk head bout everything John was doing, we knew we had to get the full scoop. 

Listen in to hear John's story, his rise to the top, and what goals he's tackling next.

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