BucketTalk Ep 46 | Jackson Conn & Will Posey

Jackson Conn & Will Posey

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This week on Bucket Talk, Eric is back to host with Jeremy. This week’s episode is unique — we’ve got two guests, Will Posey and Jackson Conn. Based in Hokes Bluff, Alabama, Will owns Big Oak Garage, a hot rod shop specializing on design, fabrication and paint. Jackson is a welder/fabricator you can find on the TV Series Ride of Your Life, which you can find on MotorTrend TV. Listen in as they chat about their backgrounds in the automotive world, how they met each other and more. 

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ABOUT Jackson

Will grew up in Alabama racing hot rods with his dad. After getting a degree in automotive restoration from one of the only schools in America that offer that degree, McPherson College. Will started Big Oak Garage in 2007. There, they design, fabricate, and paint hot rods. Jackson’s education was less formal, but he’s still elbows deep in the auto world. After graduating from high school in 2017, he interned in Atlanta, learning metal fab and all the skills that come with it.  

“I learned a lot from a lot of people and a lot of stuff I had to pick up on my own. So it's been a wild journey.”

Will was initially brought on to be part of Ride of Your Life, and this is where he met Jackson. After a few weeks, they realized that they needed more hands on deck, so Jackson was brought in. Initially introduced just to work on the show together, Will and Jackson were fast friends, making for a lifelong friendship. 

“My eyes and Will's eyes locked each other. With somebody, you're in love with somebody and you're like, oh, my gosh, that's my person.”

One thing that binds the two of them, other than the automotive world, is passion. They both credit that to get them where they are today. All of the trades require hard work, time away from the family and a ton of skill, but when it comes down to it, you’ve got to love it. You can’t get through a conversation with these two guys without realizing that passion is essential to their current and future success. 

“Gotta have a passion to do this. If it's not what you eat, breathe, sleep, shit. You know, you're just gonna be another normal guy out there trying to make a living doing something, you know?”

This conversation is special, and a must-listen, because these guys are infectious. Just listen to their stories, the way they work, and you’ll be inspired to do more. They’re both in a great place in their careers, but they aren’t complacent, and this is something BRUNT strives for. Listen in to not only get practical advice for the automotive world, but advice on how to succeed in any trade you can imagine. 

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