BucketTalk Ep 60 | Iron Mike

Iron Mike



Very special guest this week. Jeremy and the Iron Mike Sharp, one of the most entertaining personalities in the space, have their long awaited meeting. Iron Mike is a seasoned trucker and has taken his larger than life personality and catchphrases to social media and has amassed quite a following in doing so. Mike gives us the quick life story while jumping into his trucking career and joking around with Jeremy. Tune in and don’t miss Iron Mike unapologetically be himself.

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Iron Mike Sharp is a trucker hailing from North Carolina but originally grew up in New Jersey. By trade Mike is a heavy equipment hauler traveling all around the country hauling loads doing the lord's work. Mike does not hold back in this episode he tells us what’s on his mind pertaining to the trucking industry everything from drug testing to licensing.

Mike and Jeremy talk about unions and how the trucking industry has and always will have a mafia feel. Mike shows us first hand why his personality has gotten a major following online. We get an inside look into what it is like to work for a company similar to that of Mike’s.

Mike also lets us in on the sores of trucking with all of the regulations going on, even lets us in on some old trucker jokes. Trucking can be a lonely job and we all know these men and women have their own code. We get to hear some radio stories from both sides that will have you laughing. Enjoy this week’s episode and can't wait to have Mike back on.

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