BucketTalk Ep 83 | Dustin "Battleaxe" Jones

Dustin "Battleaxe" Jones



Our guy Dustin puts new meaning behind the old phrase “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”. Since the day he started walking, Dustin “Battle Ax” Jones has been grinding to set himself up for success. He grew up working on his family’s farm in Louisiana, earned an academic scholarship to Louisiana Tech, helped start one of the biggest UTV and side-by-side shops in the country, and is now running S3 Power Sports by day and earning first-place trophies as a professional dirt racer by night. On this episode, Dustin sits down with Bucket Talk host, Jeremy Perkins, to chat about his journey in the trades, his career as a professional racer, and how he still has the grit and strength to tackle every day like it’s his last. You won’t need any coffee after listening to this episode—it’ll have you ready to run through a brick wall.

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ABOUT Dustin

From growing up on a farm in Louisiana to hoisting massive trophies on the biggest stages in dirt racing, Dustin Jones is proof that if you work your ass off, good things will come. As a kid, Dustin would help his father on their family farm for 14+ hours a day, and developed a serious work ethic that would translate across everything he did as an adult. After graduating with honors from Louisiana Tech with a mechanical engineering degree, Dustin got a well-paying job at an engineering firm—but it just wasn’t what he wanted his career to be. He got an opportunity to help start a UTV and side-by-side shop and never looked back. That company grew into S3 Power Sports and is one of the biggest repair, distribution, and customization shops in the country. Through his work with S3, Dustin got into racing UTVs and found out pretty quickly that he was wicked good. His determination and drive to be the best got him sponsorships from major brands like Monster Energy, Can-Am, and Fox—all while still running and operating S3. Dustin’s awake before his alarm clock every morning to beat the sh*t out of the day, and he’ll teach you what it takes to make the most of any opportunity that life gives you.

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