BucketTalk Ep 82 | Dirty Water Don

Dirty Water Don



It’s a shame there isn’t a union for storytellers, because our guy Donald “Dirty Water Don” Gann would be the president. Instead, he’s a member of the Local Union 1556 dockbuilders and timbermen as an underwater welder—diving deep into the New York and New Jersey’s rivers, sewers, and waterways for construction and maintenance needs. He and Bucket Talk host, Jeremy Perkins, chat about how Don got in the game, some of the craziest dives he’s ever gone on, what it’s like to be on a Discovery Channel’s Sewer Divers, and everything in between. Only Don can really do his story justice, so tune in and hear it from the man himself.

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Between hunting for mammoth bones in the East River, having a show on Discovery Channel, and creating some of the best content on the internet, Donald Gann is no ordinary underwater welder. His path to being one of (if not the) most famous underwater welders in the country started a couple decades back with a simple google search: what are the most dangerous jobs in America? Underwater welding popped up, and Don was all in. A lot of people would get claustrophobic and panicky down in the depths where he works, but his heart rate stays steady at 68 beats per minute no matter how bad the current is or how brutal the conditions are. You can usually find him in the New York and New Jersey area working in the local sewers, rivers, and waterways, but he’s always down for an adventure and doesn’t mind diving anywhere the job takes him. Beyond the television presence and internet notoriety, Don owns his own company, Siren Marine Solutions, and helps educate the youth in his community about the world of underwater welding. He’s a multifaceted dude who can make anyone laugh, and his story is more than worth your time.

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