BucketTalk Ep 68 | BYD aka Michael Bowman

Michael Bowman



This week’s episode features an absolute legend of the landscaping/lawncare game, and goes by the name of BYD aka The Big Yard Dawg. Micheal Bowman is a hardworking man trying to instill his knowledge onto his kids and generations to come showing us the right way to treat a lawn. Jeremy and Michael dive into all things landscaping from tips and tricks to funny stories from the job. Tune in if you have some brown patches on your lawn!

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ABOUT Michael

What an episode this week, Michael Bowman, hailing from Georgia gave us a visit on the podcast. Michael who also goes by BYD aka The Big Yard Dawg is an expert landscaper and works alongside his son specializing in Bermuda grass. We get a firsthand look at what it takes to be the best and the work that goes into building a successful landscaping business.

We get to hear about everything from what first got Michael into landscaping just trying to make a buck at age 10 to what it is like working alongside your son. Michael is a social media OG who has been active for decades showing others how to get a lawn like him.

Listen up if you have Bermuda grass because BYD is giving all the tips on all things Bermuda grass lawn care. We get all the trade secrets in this one so if you care about your grass I'd give this one a listen.

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