BucketTalk Ep 35 | Teddy Verras

Teddy Verras



On this week’s episode of Bucket Talk, we chat with heavy hauler Teddy Verras, who you may know as @heavy_haul_n_fool on Instagram and TikTok. After securing a commercial driver’s license just out of high school, he started hauling heavy freight, such as 200,000 pound excavators and other oversized loads. Listen in as he chats with Eric and Jeremy about the ins and outs of heavy freight hauling and the future of the trucking industry.

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After high school, Teddy moved to Elko, Nevada where he applied for a summer job with Nevada Department of Transportation, which led him to get his commercial driver’s license, and, eventually, into heavy freight hauling. 

“I started getting my feet wet by hauling like excavators and stuff like that…that's how I got into like the medium duty stuff. And from there, I got put into a heavy truck, another four axle truck with a big trailer and they sent me down to Arizona to pick up a big drill rig. And they were pretty much like, please figure it out and don't break nothing or get hurt. It took me forever to get this job done. But I got it done.”

Today, Teddy hauls excavators and other heavy, oddly shaped loads for his company, oftentimes with rigs so big that he’s got the highway patrol escorting him from place to place. He’s been in the game long enough at this point that if something needs to be moved, no matter the size, he can handle it.

“...Excavators and rollers and backhoes and you name it, I can drive it. One of my favorites was when one of our customers had a Hitachi 600 excavator, weighing like 200,000 pounds. It was freaking crazy.”

Moving forward, Teddy says he’s looking into buying his own truck in the future and building his own company from the ground up. But for now he’s enjoying being a company man on the road while he works towards the next level.

“It's always like the next logical step. You know, some people become a company driver and they're okay with it. But you know, I could make more money hauling groceries owning my own truck than I do now as a company driver heavy hauling.”

If you want to know what life on the road is like for a heavy hauler, Teddy documents his life in depth on TikTok and Instagram.

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