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In today’s episode we have a guest that could test the knowledge of our host Jeremy. @autotechmike is a mechanic who runs his own shop and has been in the trade for decades. Mike takes us step by step through his journey as a mechanic while cracking jokes and sharing crazy client experiences with Jeremy. We get to hear what it is like going from employee to employer and the hardships that come with being a mechanic and a business owner.

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ABOUT Autotech

Seasoned mechanic @autotechmike is bursting with mechanic knowledge as is our host and former mechanic Jeremy Perkins. This week’s episode is a treat with these two chatting about anything and everything mechanic. The boys go on about all the crazy problems mechanics deal with from disposing of hazardous waste, troubles of being a mobile mechanic, working in a shop after being mobile and much more.

Mike got his start as a trash picking mechanic finding anything on someone's curb and fixing it up for a resale. From here Mike became a mobile mechanic driving around helping those broken down on the side of the road to moving into a shop and eventually becoming the owner of said shop. 

Other than problems we get to hear some hilarious stories about crazy clients who gave the guys some hard times. Although they could’ve gone all day with crazy personal stories, Jeremy and Mike finish it off with how to work through problems and the difficulties of having the responsibilities of a business owner.

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