BucketTalk Ep 08 | Lucas Jablonski

Lucas Jablonski



Most people expect trades people to have always loved their trade. While this may be the case for some, for Lucas Jablonski it wasn't always so romantic. The now co-founder of the highly successful Lighthouse Woodworks, Lucas's story is full of layers. Listen in as we get the full scoop on how Lucas found his stride in the trades and what spawned the foundation of Lighthouse Woodworks.

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Lucas Jablonski co-founded Lighthouse Woodworks with his childhood buddy, Daniel. What started out as a small operation, Lighthouse is a quickly growing woodworking company, who’s bread and butter is high-end home furnishings.

For Lucas, woodworking runs in the family, growing up in Denver, Colorado with his father a cabinet maker, he was always surrounded by woodworking. As a kid, Lucas spent the majority of his summer working alongside his father. Throughout high school, he quickly learned how much money there was in this business, taking on large contracts that would really pay out for him and his buddies. 

By 18 however, the perils of being the assumed family business torch passing took their effect. Where Lucas was interested in a wide range of opportunities, his father was not keen on the idea of Lucas not taking over. Being pushed further away, and torn by the tension, Lucas set out traveling across the country. Picking up odd job after odd job before landing in New York. From there he was able to hone in his craftsman skills all while learning the ins and out of business. 

Soon Lucas found himself settling with what was looking like a long term gig, it wasn’t until that same job tried to lock him into what would’ve been a career ending contract, Lucas jumped into his dream of launching Lighthouse. 

From his early childhood years around woodwork, to the later span of his career, it’s clear why Lucas has found success as a master woodworker. His story, however, runs deeper than that. Tune in to hear how all the layers that made Lighthouse what it is today came to be, and the insights Lucas brings to the table for young people looking to delve deeper into the trades.

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