BucketTalk Ep 72 | Zach Martin

Zach Martin



Forklift operator by day, animal rescuer by night—Zach Martin is a seriously interesting guy with a wide range of passions and expertise. Right out of high school he was driving tractors and cleaning out chicken houses before diving into the forklift scene full time. Growing up, he always had a deep appreciation for native Alabama wildlife, and started rehabilitating animals at a very young age with his family. Today, he cares for everything from foxes to coyotes to skunks to truly any creature that needs a hand getting healthy and back into the wild. Hear all about his forklift operating career and his work with the local wildlife in this episode of Bucket Talk.

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Hilarious pod this week, we welcome the "Possum King" Zach Martin on board to talk everything from critters that most of us would never mess with to forklift operating and how to get into and succeed in that trade.

Zach gives us an inside look at how to become a forklift operator and the good and bad that comes along with it. We get to hear some hilarious work stories and we get to dive into Zach's incredibly unique hobby, saving critters.

Zach even gives us the hilarious story as to how he got the nickname "Possum King" and how that led him into a life of saving animals and releasing them back into the wild. Stay tuned for this one!

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