BucketTalk Ep 67 | Tommy Passemante

"Streetbike" Tommy Passemante



If you grew up in the 90s and early 00s, there’s no chance you missed Streetbike Tommy on MTV’s Nitro Circus—this dude was a legend on the schoolyard for his insane stunts and hilarious antics. But what most guys don’t know is that Tommy grew up in a blue-collar house, learning how to hang drywall from his dad and working construction through high school. Today, when he’s not touring for the entertainment business, he’s working with his hands doing sheetrock, carpentry, and general contracting projects across the country. Tommy’s a one-of-a-kind dude with a tradesman’s heart and an endless supply of funny stories.

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ABOUT "Streetbike"

In today's episode Jeremy gets to sit down with a living legend in the extreme sports world. Streetbike Tommy has probably made us all laugh at some point in time over the years at the expense of his own body, either on Nitro Circus, Jackass, or any other crazy MTV show. What some might not know about Tommy is that he has been in the drywall and construction business his entire life. Tommy grew up in a blue collar household and worked at a young age on the jobsite.

Jeremy and Tommy dive into some stories about Tommy's MTV days along with how he has thrived in the construction industry along the way. Tune in for our crazy season opener!!

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