BucketTalk Ep 70 | Robert Voss

Robert Voss



Our friend Robert Voss is one of the most unique guys we know. He’s a third-generation garbageman who knows all the ins and outs of the sanitation game with plenty of wild stories from his 20 years on the job. But what really sets him apart is his focus on health and fitness. Since garbage collecting is such a physically demanding job, he exercises his whole body to stay injury-free and perform at the best of his ability. As a small business owner, he works his tail off to help his community in the rural midwest while maintaining a healthy lifestyle—tune in and hear all about Robert’s incredible daily grind.

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ABOUT Robert

We are back this week with a very interesting guest. Robert Voss has been working in the sanitation industry for as long as he can remember. Robert owns his business and gives it his all every single day. Listen to Robert talk to us about the ups and downs to owning a business and why exactly Robert loves what he does.

Aside from sanitation Voss is an athletic specimen who dedicates most of his day to training and staying healthy. To be an avid runner and work on a trash truck is no easy feat. 

Tune in to catch some crazy stories of neighbors and their trash and what crazy stuff Robert has found along the way.

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