BucketTalk Ep 81 | Millennial Farmer

Millenial Farmer



Jeremy sits down to chat with Zach Johnson about all things agriculture—as a sixth-generation farmer, very few people have a perspective quite like Zach’s. He shares his thoughts on the state of farm-to-table businesses, what it takes to operate both small and large-scale farms, and what it means to be a farmer working on the same plot of land as his ancestors.” If you’ve ever had the thought “Man, it’d be awesome to own a farm one day” this episode is a must-listen.

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ABOUT Millenial

In 1868, a family from Sweden moved to western Minnesota to start a farm, and by 1876, they had officially established a successful 160-acre homestead. Today, that family is on their sixth-generation of farmers which is led by our friend, Zach Johnson. American agriculture has greatly changed in all that time, but the Johnson family was built to handle that burden and has thrived in a highly competitive industry over the past 150+ years. Zach is putting his own stamp on the family’s legacy by keeping production strong, growing the business where he can, and garnering a massive YouTube platform with over 1 million subscribers. He proudly refers to himself as the “Millennial Farmer” because his YouTube channel helps educate today’s generation on the agriculture industry in a way that’s appealing to younger audiences, all while paying tribute to one of the oldest trades in the world. Zach’s an old soul that’s adapted to the modern age, and we respect the hell out of that. 

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