BucketTalk Ep 14 | Mike Gaffin

Mike Gaffin



For the 3rd episode of Bucket Talk Season 3, we got the chance to sit down with the legendary Mike Gaffin; infamous to the trucking community under the Instagram alias, Boston Trucker. Having spent his life on the road as a professional trucker, Mike has a wealth of stories to share. This episode is a must listen if you're someone who's ever been interested in trucking or just want to understand what a day in the life is like.

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Growing up, Mike's father told him routinely "Don't become a trucker." A professional trucker himself, his intentions were good. Mike's father understand just how tough the gig was, and was doing it to support his family. Mike didn't end up taking his fathers advice. As a child watching his father, and learning everything to know about trucks, his interest became a passion. This passion has carried Mike all across the country for over 15 years. While he's since retired, the passion that fueled him is still very much alive. One look at his Instagram confirm this. Having accrued a following of over 64k, it's clear that Mike has become an industry leader and spokes person for the trucking community. Tune in to hear what Mike has learned over the years on this exciting episode of Bucket Talk.

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