BucketTalk Ep 58 | Garit Sullivan

Garit Sullivan



Jeremy and Garit meet again after a memorable time at Makers Camp in New York. Garit is a craft woodworker who makes custom pieces. Starting out just selling to friends and the product quickly picking up popularity Garit soon realized this could be a career. So he jumped at the opportunity and hasn’t looked back since. In today’s podcast we talk about building businesses, house hopping along the journey, maintaining family life and much more.

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Garit Sullivan is a custom woodworker who has his own business crafting custom pieces and selling them. Along with being a woodworker by trade Garit works in the tech world and as a project manager with a few employees working under him for all of his endeavors. True entrepreneurial mindset mixed in with the trades.

Some of Garit’s most popular pieces include anything from tables to cutting boards being in high demand around the holidays; he stays busy with the plethora of occupations. Garit and Jeremy talk about the dangers of working in the shop and the rewarding experience surrounding teaching someone under you and having an apprentice, passing on knowledge.

Garit gives us a fresh perspective on how amateur some people may be starting out a job and the growing pains of having young struggling employees. Being a boss and learning yourself is a process and everyone learns at their own speed; some words Garit goes by.

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