BucketTalk Ep 61 | Dominic Rosales

Dominic Rosales



Back this week with a messy guest to say the least. Dominic Rosales aka. @poorpumpersociety. Dominic is a septic pumper/content creator located in Texas. Raised in a household of hard work Dominic left the office job to help his dad with his business. Dominic and Jeremy dive into the messy business of pumping septic tanks and all the hilarious junk that goes along with the job.

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ABOUT Dominic

Dominic Rosales is the guy you need to listen to for anything septic. Dominic’s father, at a young age, started a business and started supporting his family. After seeing his dad grow the business as soon as Dom got the call the two weeks notice was on his old bosses desk. After dropping everything to help grow the business, Dominic has managed to gain extensive knowledge in his field while growing a following on social media with refreshing and hilarious content.

Dom has seen and heard it all and we get a glimpse into the messy work that septic pumping is. We get to hear funny client interactions and the safety of water in Texas. Rosales has used this messy job to have a niche way to deliver funny content while still doing his job. A true hustler.

If you need to learn basics about your septic system and beyond this is the episode for you aside from all the shenanigans Dom delivers an informative episode. Tune in!

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