BucketTalk Ep 71 | Dan Preston

Dan Preston



If you want to see a master at work, go check out any of the projects Daniel Preston is working on. He’s an absolute magician in the hardscape space, with over 20 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in both designing and building. Daniel also runs a mentorship program that guides young workers in their path hardscape journey, and the funny thing is, he more or less fell into hardscaping after dropping out of art school. It’s a story you’re going to want to hear first hand from Daniel, so tune in and enjoy this week’s episode.

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Dan Preston joins us this week for another great episode of Bucket Talk. Dan is an expert hardscaper and designer who has worked tooth and nail to get to where he is today with his business.

We walk through Dans story from dropping out to hone his craft to becoming the designer he is today and how he got to where he is. Dan walks us through the ups and downs of building a business and having faith in hard work.

Dan shares how to use social media as a backbone for growing a blue collar business making it easier for potential clients to catch wind of your work. Tune in for another great episode of Bucket Talk.

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