BucketTalk Ep 78 | Brennan Ruault

Brennan Ruault



Season Finale ALERT! We have some familiar faces on the podcast this week for the last episode from this year. Special guest, Brennan Ruault from the TV Show "Gold Rush" joins us this week for a hell of a final episode. Along with Brennan, BRUNT Workwear CEO and former co-host of Bucket Talk, Eric Girouard grabs a bucket to join the conversation with the guys. Take a peak at this inside look at the TV show Gold Rush and what it takes to make it in forestry and mining.

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ABOUT Brennan

Most of you may know who Brennan Ruault is from his time as one of the main characters in the reality TV Show Gold Rush. Brennan Spends his days now up in the Yukon mining gold.

Brennan was obsessed with heavy machinery and hard work from day one learning from his dad and always wanting to be on a jobsite. After climbing through the ranks in forestry, Brennan made the jump to golf mining where the Gold Rush oppurtunity presented itself.

Brennan takes us through some hilarious stories from the set of the show, what it was like working a labor job on a television set, and just all the ins and outs of Gold Rush. 

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