BucketTalk Ep 76 | Billy Kunelius

Billy Kunelius



Billy Kunelius eats, sleeps, and breathes trees—he’s a fulltime forester, is a BRUNT sponsored timbersports athlete, and loves the woods more than pretty much anyone else we know. Like a lot of kids growing up, Billy spent his childhood exploring the outdoors, and enjoyed hunting and fishing with his dad. But he knew he was destined to be a true outdoorsman when he saved up his money at age 8 to purchase his first axe. In college he joined the timbersports team at the University of New Hampshire and he’s been competing in events across the country as a professional ever since graduating. Our Head of Community and Bucket Talk host, Jeremy Perkins, sat down with Billy to chat about what goes into maintaining a healthy forest and hear some of the wild stories of being a timbersports athlete.

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This weeks episode brings us to the world of professional timbersports and forestry. Our guest, Billy Kunelius, hails from New Hampshire and spends his days with an axe in hand. Billy takes us through bits of his childhood detailing how he became passionate about forestry. 

Billy studied forestry in college which lead to him pushing himself to be one of the best in the world at using an axe and chainsaw. 

We get to hear the crazy stories of being a timbersports athlete while getting to hear some funny forestry stories about common land alteration requests. Tune in for a great pod.

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